ماجراهای آرتمیس کوچولو

ماجراهای آرتمیس کوچولو


It was this Mon. that I had another appointment with my GYN at 4:30. We arrived there on time and waited there just for a short while. After about 10 min. we entered the examination room. I took off my uniform briskly & jumped on the scales to see how much I've gained so far. First, it showed that I was 72.5 but by the time that I wanted to get off the scales I lost my balance & tripped over


The doctor came in himself & after a short conversation took my blood pressure which was 13/7 this time! He said that it was ok & there was nothing special to worry about it. Then he checked my belly to see that if I had any pains in my sides or not. He asked me about the kicks of the baby and whether or not I realized them. I said that the kicks have become stronger but the number of them have decreased. He said that it's quite normal for the 3rd trimester because the baby is getting bigger & bigger each day but there's not enough room in my womb for it. Then he listened to the heartbeat of our princess for a few seconds & said that it was perfect since she's an active little girl


    He asked me about the number of times I need to pee & I declared that there's nothing to worry about in this area for I go to the rest room quite a lot & each time that I go there my bladder is quite full! He just wanted to know that if I had any urinary infections or not and Thanks God there was no problem regarding that


 After that he asked me to get off the examination table & get on the scales. But what do you guess happened then? When I stood on the scales to see how much I weighed the digital screen showed that I was 74!!! Actually, by the time that I fell off the digital scales, it must have been knocked on the floor so hard that it didn't show the right weight any more. I told the doctor about it & he said it's better to recheck my weight. But what do u guess happened the 3rd time??It showed that I was 73.5 & the 4th time it showed that I was 73. I was so perplexed that I gave it up for that session. He said that I have gained 10 kilos so far & added that it's quite good for a woman with my prepregnancy weight for I'm slim, not fat


He also did an ultrasound & showed us the precious priness. He measured her head, tummy, spinal cord, legs & also showed us some of her inner organs such as the gall bladder, bladder, kidneys. Everything was perfect & it showed that our little girl was 30 weeks old. He asked me to come back in a fortnight for the next visit

.There's just 55 more days to go

?How soon all this period is going to be over

?Who would have guessed


Then after our visit we headed towards Sohrevardi St. in order to buy a wall border for Amitis's bedroom. There were just 3-4 shops that had these types of borders & we finally bought one with the  charater of an elephant accompanied by the characters of the Pooh Cartoon. But the most hard part of the job is sticking it on the walls! Who wants to do that 

.I dunno


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It was the 12th of Mordad that I had another appointment with my GYN at 5:30.  Actually it was on Wed, but his secretary called up to inform me that he wanna go on a one- week trip so she has to rearrange the appointments. We arrived there at 5:10 , but we had to wait in the waitinig room till 6 PM since there were many more expectant moms awaiting there before us


Finally we entered the examination room and the doctor came in himself. First , he took my blood pressure which was the same as the last visit: 11/7 . Then he checked the heartbeat of the little princess with was flawless. He also did a check-up on my ankles to see that I have any swelling problems or not! And the last part was checking my weight: 71/7 K so far


I got dressed &  went to the other room. He saw my glucose-screening & urine tests' results and said that everything was going on pretty well. He asked me to come back for the next visit in a fortnight


Thanks God that everything is going on perfectly. Let 's keep our fingers crossed


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My 29th BD was just this Thur & daddy & auntie had both bought us a chocolate cake from Bibi   . What a coincidence!! Auntie had asked the confectioner to write down a Happy BD note with my name on it, therefore we dicided to cut that one & take daddy's cake back home with us . We put some candels on the cake & Arian, daddy & I all together tried to put out the bright green  candels which were lighted again in a few seconds . We took two pics with daddy's cellphone,too

  My father gave me one hundred thousand Tomans,auntie & Arian gave me fifty thousand Tomans & my mom said that she had given me my present in advance which was paying off all our apartment monthly installments just a few days ago 

And what was daddy's gift for me this year?? He has bought me a perfect diamond necklace with its matching earrings both as my BD gift & also my delivery gift in the hospital for it was way too expensive

This was the first BD chocolate cake that you tiny,princess had. I hope that you grow up soon so that we could throw you a big BD party and order your own, favorite cake

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